Saturday, June 17, 2006

The launch that no-one noticed

e-luv came out today.

This was the expectation:

A burst of activity involving praise from various publications and a rush of buying to match the publisher's previous book of 1000 sales in the first day.

Emails from grateful readers, telling me how much they enjoyed it, having snapped it up as soon as it appeared in the shops.

This was the reality:

Absolutely nothing happened. After frantically checking Amazon all day, it failed to budge from being their 168,049th bestseller. It's hard to imagine that this represents more than a handful of sales.

This could be tougher than I thought. While it's probably too early to think about e-luv being a total flop, I'll be relieved to see some activity. Any activity. I would buy a copy myself, but I can't afford it.


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