Friday, June 23, 2006

Another interview. And I learnt a new word.

Tonight was the Metro interview - a paper I have learned really IS read by just about everyone who gets a train or tube to work in London. Naturally, I was terrified but Lisa was very nice and chatty, which made it a lot less traumatic than anticipated.
The word I learnt was "subbing-in" Actually, it's more like two words and apparently it means the act of pre-selling books into the shops. Anyway, the reason I know this is that I asked Clare, the Publisher, how sales were going and she said that it had been subbed-in to the shops. I also discovered that e-luv is going to be part of a 3 for 2 promotion at Waterstones and will also be available at all the chains like Ottakers, Borders etc as well as all the indie shops. It's also available at, where it currently occupies the highly prestigious 123,291th position.


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