Sunday, August 06, 2006

Luica doesn't love e-luv

Some people think Paris Hilton is attractive. Others think that George Bush was right to invade Iraq. And there are even those who think e-luv is rubbish.
Whilst doing my customary trawl through Google, seeking out words of praise I may have inadvertantly missed, I stumbled upon something that chilled me to my very core.
A bad review.
It was from the blog of one Luica Mak.
I knew it wasn't good when I saw phrases like "not in the same league (as Bridget Jones)", "painful to read", "it was not witty" and "two stars out of five".
I am in too much pain to tell you any more. If you must, check it out for yourself here.
Incidentally, I wrote to Luica seeking closure on this unfortunate business. She was very nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, per se, by a disgruntled ex.

4:45 AM  

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