Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Online Dating Guru

Readers of this blog are people with full and busy lives. So even though they are naturally interested when I appear in an article, especially with a paper as prestigious as the Irish Independent, they may not have the time to go through the registration process. If you don't mind filling in a short form, click here - it's a really good piece and well worth it.
And if you'd rather just read the highlights (ie, the bits about ME), here they are:

"The other problem with cyber-flirting is its tendency to give rise to false impressions. Get to know someone by email and you are essentially getting to know a fantasy, a person who exists only in your imagination. Reality seldom lives up to expectations (that, after all, is why it's called reality).

"When you do finally meet, it can all fall apart - and quite often does," says Dave Roberts, author of E-Luv: An Internet Romance, a novel casting a humorous eye on the pitfalls of cyber- dating. "I know of a woman who was so repulsed by the man she'd fallen in love with through email, that she ran away the minute she saw him at the airport."

That's not to say that, when it comes to romance, the internet isn't entirely without its uses. For the terminally shy, cyber-flirtation is sometimes a godsend.

"It does seem to make relationships easier to sustain for people who are a bit shy or socially awkward," says Dave Roberts. "You tend to get a bit more adventurous when flirting and say things you wouldn't say in person. It's much less embarrassing to type something than it is to say it, especially when it's someone you haven't actually met in real life.".


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