Sunday, August 20, 2006

Libraries. They're brilliant, aren't they?

I have uncovered a new magnificent resource here, which allows me to monitor e-luv's public library activity in nearly EVERY SINGLE borough.
Who could have known that a seemingly innocuous website could provide so much drama?
For example, WHO is the Coventry citizen who has put in an order for e-luv? And WHY have Belfast decided not to buy it? WHY is it still on the shelf in Leeds' posher suburbs but on loan in the dodgier ones? Ditto Manchester. And WHY are Kingston, Camden and Barnet so much more enlightened than their counterparts, in offering their customers/clients/users Britain's best-loved internet romance novel?


Blogger City Slicker said...

And how said Big Brother was over? Just kidding we all knew 1984 was around the corner

3:04 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mann said...

Very good site, yes, have found individual library catalogues before but not such a great opportunity for narcissistic timewasting. Are you registered for PLR, Public Lending Rights? This is very important - free money every time your book is loaned...

6:50 AM  

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