Saturday, September 16, 2006

e-luv - the sequel

I have an idea. Instead of publishing an e-luv sequel(aka Trevor Online)in the traditional way, which would mean waiting for ages to see if e-luv sells enough to justify it, I'm thinking about getting a website –, and serialising it. I'd put up a couple of short chapters every week which people can read for free, starting in December.
I like the idea of doing it this way because the story can remain more topical, incorporating real events and the hot sites-du-jour,like Second Life. To keep it all free, I'd look at selling product placement and tying into relevant product launches such as new mobile phones, movie launches, clothing lines, energy drinks, magazines, computer games and books.
By publishing it on a website, I can show IM screens, video clips and pictures of the women Trevor is talking to, as well as play extracts of the music tapes they send each other. The latter would be a great way for record companies to launch new bands, by getting them included.
There would be a forum (or even chatroom) which would allow readers to make suggestions as to where the story goes, or just ask Trevor questions.
I'd also offer a weekly 15 minute podcast of the chapters,complete with sound effects, which would be available through the website or iTunes via Jellycast. There could even be a serialised video version of the book on YouTube, while i-cue could be approached about serialising it on mobile phones.
When the book is finished, it could then (hopefully) be published in the traditional way.
Well? What do YOU think?


Blogger Caroline said...

I think that the idea is genius - especially the interactive thngs. Potentially a great idea ... but ... do people like to read huge amounts of online? I would - but I'd probably need weekly email reminders. And will this alter how you write? will you be including product placement?

Like everything it will come down to interest and numbers. And I hope that you have people to help you with the huge amount of 'stuff' that you're suggesting.

For what it is worth - I think that it's a sparky idea and one with balls. Podcast of it is a fantastic idea. Very exciting.


1:48 AM  

I reckon Oatibix would be up for a bit of product placement.

3:25 PM  
Blogger JustJudeB said...

They sell Oatibix in my local Sainsburys...

Being a bit thick, occasionally, I wondered about the value of rebranding.

e-luv was fab! Am recommending it who anyone who will listen.


That sounds horribly wrong.

Everything I say is true.

Well, everything I have said here.

They do, and I am.

If you haven't caught up Dave, you are responsible for me making a tart of myself on the train on Sunday.

But I won't sue.


2:13 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thanks, Caroline. Words like "fantastic idea" are fuel for my massive ego. Monkey, you have to GET the Oatibix first. Jude, I am glad I was responsible for you making a tart of yourself and that you thought the book was fab. For what it's worth, I agree. You may wish to take part in the exciting new feature on this site called READERS REVIEW. More details soon.

10:29 PM  

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