Thursday, September 21, 2006

Person of the Week

The waiting is over. Most of you will shortly experience a feeling of disappointment so intense that you will have to lay down in a darkened room. You will undertand how Helena felt when Connie undeservedly won "How do you solve a problem like Maria?". Because like that competition, there can be only one winner of Person of the Week. So step forward...Caroline Smailes! Yes, the author of the fantastic "In Search of Adam" has taken out literature's highest honour. You can read about Caroline's life and see a picture of her in egg-and-spoon action right here.
If you'd like to win this award, all you have to do is buy e-luv or even say you're going to buy it. The more copies you buy, the more praise you will be given.


Blogger Caroline said...

I am deeply honoured to accept this most prestigious award. I feel that everything that I have undertaken in my sad and lonely life has all been leading to this very moment. I would like to thank the wonderful staff at Borders for allowing me to purchase 2 (yes 2!) copies of e-luv.

Ta chuck x this is even better than my egg and spoon victory! Cx

12:55 AM  

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