Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is this a good cover?

Does the cover of e-luv stand out? Does it make you want to pick the book up? I actually like it, but have been aware for some time that while it's stylishly tasteful, it doesn't really hypnotise people into thinking " I must buy this". Anyway the point is that Friday Books have come to the same conclusion and decided to republish e-luv with a new cover, once they've managed to get rid of the current unsold stock (which is probably taking up entire floors at Friday Books Towers). What do you think? Will a new cover make a difference and rescue me from obscurity?


Blogger Dinah said...

I like the cover, but it is true, I went looking for it. It probably would catch my eye, but a change might also be good.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

I don't like the cover. I like the contents, but not the cover. I find it a little confusing. I'd like the image to be more striking colours and a clearer. I like to see actual people or parts of them (!) on the front cover.
Perhaps they could put you on the front cover? Sandwich board?


12:44 AM  
Anonymous Sharon J said...

Nope, don't like it I'm afraid. It's such a shame that something like a cover can make or break a book but for me to pick up a book it has to really leap off the shelf. As Caroline said, striking colours and people (or their bits!!)

9:52 AM  

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